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 Purchasing Information

Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) is offering for sale a licensed version of the AlternaTIFF browser plug-in that does not require registration of individual copies. This is intended for organizations that wish to install AlternaTIFF on a large number of workstations.

The cost is US$12.00 per copy, with a minimum purchase of 40 copies. Volume discounts are available for orders of 500 or more.

The licensed version has exactly the same features as the free version. The only difference is that it does not require registration, and that it will display your organization name in the toolbar, as demonstrated below. Complete license information will be shown in the "About" dialog (right-click --> About...).


To place an order for licensed copies of AlternaTIFF, please call (888) 498-3484.

For other payment options, or for large orders, please send email to [email protected]. Include your organization name, contact information, and the approximate number of copies desired. We will contact you by email or telephone within 1-2 business days.

Further information is provided below. Questions about sales or licensing should be sent to [email protected]. Questions about program features may be sent to [email protected] instead.

We normally distribute licensed copies in ZIP files. Either the ActiveX version, or the plug-in version, or both, may be installed onto a licensed workstation.

To install the ActiveX version: Unzip the files in alternatiff-ax-w32-licensed_XXXX.zip into a permanent location on the user's workstation. (In particular, the file named license.dat must be present. It may be renamed to alttifflicense.dat if desired.) Run install.bat (or use regsvr32.exe directly, or use any other ActiveX control registration method available to you). The alttiff.ocx file must then remain at that location, but the other files can be removed, if desired.

To install the plug-in version: Unzip the files in alternatiff-pl-w32-licensed_XXXX.zip into a temporary location on the user's workstation. Run setup1.exe and follow the instructions. Or you can run "setup1.exe /s" to noninteractively install using the default settings. After installation, the files can be removed, if desired.

Please note: Purchasing licenses for AlternaTIFF does not entitle you to set it up to be auto-downloaded and auto-installed on demand via a web browser (e.g., using a CAB file, or directly downloading the OCX file). This is generally not an appropriate way to install software for which only a limited number of licenses have been purchased. We advise you not to purchase AlternaTIFF with the expectation of auto-installing it on demand.

In rare cases, if you are purchasing a large number of copies and distributing it only in a carefully-controlled environment, we may make an exception to this policy, but this should be negotiated prior to the sale.

The installation can be customized in several ways as described in this document. Some amount of computer expertise may be needed, as this is not a point-and-click procedure. The customization features work in the free version as well (except that the registration cannot be automated). We encourage you to test this prior to purchase, to make sure that it suits your needs.

Free priority email support is provided. Note that because an equivalent version of AlternaTIFF is available as a free download, we expect that you have already evaluated its suitability for use in your environment. If you are not able to get the free version to work for you, you should not expect the licensed version to work either.

Provided that the new version is compatible with your license, licensed copies can be upgraded in the same manner as free copies, by downloading the free version and installing it, or using the ActiveX auto-install mechanism. No additional registration is required, and the license will remain the same. (Upgrades are therefore free if you download them from our web site. A fee may be charged if you need us to package an upgrade for you.)

All licenses for version 1.x are compatible with all 1.x versions of AlternaTIFF. However, v1.x licenses are not compatible with AlternaTIFF v2.x (and v2.x licenses are not compatible with v1.x). Please contact [email protected] for information about upgrading.

AlternaTIFF is compatible with the current versions of most of the popular web browsers for Windows operating systems. While MIE intends to make a reasonable effort to make sure that this remains the case, we cannot guarantee that future web browsers or operating systems will be compatible with AlternaTIFF.